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How to Use Chopsticks

Using chopsticks for the first time can be daunting. Put down the fork and become a chopstick master!

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Mr. Miyagi is a chopstick master who can catch a fly with his chopsticks. We do not recommend using your chopsticks to catch flies, however.


Follow these steps to use your chopsticks properly:

  1. Pick up the first chopstick with your middle finger and thumb. This chopstick will become the anchor and will not move. The widest end of the chopstick should lie where your thumb and index finger connect. The narrow end should rest between the base of your thumb and index finger.
  2. Grip the second chopstick between your thumb and index finger. This is the chopstick, which will move to pick up items. Place your thumb over the second chopstick.
  3. Make sure that the narrow ends of your chopsticks are even so that you can “pinch” the food correctly. You can tap the ends of your chopsticks on the table in order to make them even.
  4. Now close and open your chopsticks. Make sure that the wide ends of your chopsticks do not cross and that the second chopstick is the only one that moves.
  5. Once you’ve master the movements, it’s time to pick up food!


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