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About Us

Since 1986, Teriyaki Experience has been delivering fast, fresh and healthy Asian-inspired fast food to fulfill guests’ taste for great flavours and fast service. Recognized as the healthy alternative to traditional fast food, we’ve built a unique concept around the teppanyaki grill where meals are prepared right before guests’ eyes. A complete line of flavourful, Asian-inspired secret sauces top our rice and noodle meals.

Brand Recognition Currently 48 restaurants in operation worldwide.

Consistent Quality Serving the same high quality food with the same high quality service in all locations.

Excellent Service Professionally-trained owners and operators head every restaurant team.

Fast and Fresh Ingredients At the heart of every recipe are fresh ingredients prepared fast.

Decades of Teriyaki Experience Excellence


Teriyaki Experience celebrates 30 years of offering unique, healthy and delicious Asian-inspired meals!


We celebrate our 20th anniversary!


Teriyaki Experience goes abroad and welcomes guests to our first European restaurant, located in Italy – a momentous step in our international progress.


Our first street-front location opens in Eglin St. in Ottawa, Ontario.


Our first international location opens at the Yum Yum Tree Food Court Exhibition in Bahrain, ushering a new age of global development for Teriyaki Experience.


Cooking our meals with water becomes an option for guests so we can offer a healthy and unique dining experience.


A whole new dining experience is born in the Promenade Mall in Toronto, Ontario! Teriyaki Experience’s small beginnings are the building blocks to the global phenomenon that delivers fast, healthy, Asian-inspired food across the world.

To learn more about owning your own Teriyaki Experience, please visit our franchise opportunities page.

About Our Parent Company

A privately-held Canadian company, Innovative Food Brands (IFB) is the management group for two quickservice franchise food brands – Teriyaki Experience and The Chopped Leaf. Both concepts bring a fresh perspective to their food offerings and focus on creating delicious, nutritious meal options fresh for each guest.